You asked for it…a lot. Like, 50 times per year, a lot. We’re slow, but we eventually catch on…

…so you can now watch full episodes of Fishful Thinker TV online. Yep, stream or download to any device you want, commercial free, at any time.

Here’s the details. It’s a new app called MyOutdoorTV and it’s similar to Netflix in functionality. As the name implies, all content is hunting or fishing, and if you’ve ever heard of the show, it’s probably on there alongside a whole bunch of them that you may not have heard of. There are literally thousands to choose from. If you like to watch outdoor content at home or in your travels, this is your app.

You can check out MyOutdoorTV (MOTV for short) online and use promo code “FishBig” to get your first month for .99 cents. Fair enough?

So, hopefully all those folks that have requested to see FTTV online will tune in. They’ll be adding original content, outdoor recipes and tips, and more on a constant basis. We’ll do our best to keep up what we do to help you catch more fish. Remember, promo code “FishBig”.

Thanks and Fish Big! CL