Crankbaits are great fish catchers and often perceived as easy to fish…but as with many great things in life, just because it appears or occasionally is easy, a little Mojo and some details go a long way towards avid anglers’ success. Here’s five ways to get crankin’ lucky.

Accuracy counts. Fishing shallow hard cover is uber-successful at times, and the more accurate you are, the less you’ll disturb cover while fishing small strike zones. Mojo Bass Glass Target Cranker is 6’10” of pure accuracy in a stick, soft enough to cushion close range strikes, yet powerful enough to muscle fish when required. Use a super fast Revo casting reel, 15# 100% fluoro, square-billed cranks, and short accurate roll casts to complete the package.

Go where it blows. Windblown rock or gravel banks draw predator fish from far and wide as baitfish feed in the the stirred pot. Problem is, the environment is noisy and the baitfish often plentiful. Get your lure noticed with noise provided by a lipless crankbait. To really yo-yo or rip the lure along generating noise and vibration, look to Avid X’s medium power, moderate action graphite responsiveness and lighter weight, pair it with a Revo STX with 7:1 gearing to recover slack between rips, and 12# Trilene 100% fluoro to reduce stretch and maximize feel. Half ounce lipless cranks arm the presentation.

Throw long bombs. Making very, very long casts across and past deep structure like a rock pile or hump not only gets your lure down deeper, it will stay down there longer too, hopefully contacting said structure for as much of the retrieve as possible, thereby generating strikes. Sure, you could drag a jig around…but you can trigger bites often faster with a deep, bottom grinding crankbait. Deep structure needs the big Mojo Glass…the Big Crankster. At 7’8” and medium heavy powered, it’ll launch big lipped bombs for days. 10# 100% fluoro and a Revo Winch designed for deep cranks complete your depth charge.

Show your soft side. Cranking is a power technique, but never underestimate the quiet, humble type. Diminutive or shad-style cranks are great ways to address depressed or pressured fish, but can be hard to cast on typical cranking tackle. A 7’ medium power, moderate action Avid X is not typical tackle. Coupled with a Revo STX reel and 8# 100% fluoro, the soft yet responsive graphite blank handles dainty baits with charm, backed up with enough come hither to allow your grip-n-grin even in very tough conditions.

Keep crankin’! Gotta locate them before you can load the livewell, and often cranking is the most efficient way to search. Work the most likely strike zone depths with a fast moving crankbait until you get a bite, follow, or any other fishy sign; then slow down in that area for a few minutes and work out the rest of the details. The 7’4” Mojo Bass Glass Crankster topped with a 6.4:1 Revo STX spooled with 12# 100% fluoro tied to your confidence crank should stay on the deck and handy any time you’re searching.

Wanna really load the boat? Keep all five of these presentations in your arsenal at all times! CL