Late spring; it’s the time of year when everybody that ever fancied themselves a great angler can actually be one for a month or so. The environment and fish are in prime time, firing on all cylinders and making us all look like we know what we’re doing. Thing is, we don’t all know as much as we’d like when it comes to catching. Well, our goal is to help.

Fishful Thinker was founded on angling education, and 15 years later, it’s still what we do. Another driving cause is participation; we want more people to fish because if people see value in a resource they will protect it. The enjoyment and enrichment that comes from fishing can be that value. When we combine education and participation goals, we end up at FishFest 2018.

2018 is the 6th annual FishFest, all held at beautiful Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colorado. We assemble a group of guides, volunteers, and local companies, borrow the lakeside South Bay Pavilion in conjunction with Larimer County DNR, and spend the day helping everyone learn more about fishing. Guides Dan Swanson, Ronny Castiglioni, Connor Foy, and Chad LaChance will all host presentations, as will kayak fishing expert Eric Allee. Rod builder Jim Strawbridge will be repairing rod tips for a nominal fee (proceeds to our charity…more on that momentarily), and a bunch of volunteers will assist anyone that wants to fish, especially kids.

Speaking of kids and fishing, all proceeds raised at FishFest are donated to the Boys & Girls Club to help with their youth initiatives, including all the outdoor activities.  Silvermine Subs provides sandwiches and chips and B. Stiff and Sons (a subsidiary of Oskar Blues Brewery) donates fantastic locally crafted root beer, cream soda, orange soda, black cherry soda, and ginger beer. We sell lunch for $5 with all proceeds donated. We also sell raffle tickets, two for $5. Donated raffle prizes are plentiful; Abu Garcia, Berkley, Johnson, Airhead, Camp Chef, Costa, Pedersen Toyota, Bullhide 4x4, and others all donate prizes. We will raffle off dozens of cool prizes.

FishFest 2018 is Sunday, June 3rd, 8am til 2pm. You can get lunch or raffle tickets here

Email us with questions or we hope to see ya there! CL