Face it…fishing is a man’s sport. Fishing is manly men doing manly things; a tradition to be passed down from father to son. It’s man against the fish, against nature itself even, in an epic battle with roots to our ancient past whereby the man would prevail and the quarry would be brought home to wifey.

Maybe in your grandpa’s day, but not anymore. These days, more wives than ever are bringing home their own fish dinners. Its true, female anglers are making up a larger portion of licenses now than in the past. The recent trend in angling participation is up and the ladies are helping that more and more. I say bring ‘em on!

Ladies, it’s fun. Trust me. Nice time with the family around a lake or stream with a common goal, or maybe a more focused approach with friends or the hubby. Either way, you’ll get to experience something new to share. I guide lots of women, usually with their significant others, and they all have fun and catch fish.

Hubby’s, keep it casual and low key; she likely has none of the manly drive to conquer fish that you do. Slow it down, keep it simple, and smell the roses on your outing. Make it fun and the fish will come…and so will she more often if your lucky. I love fishing with my wife, and we’ve fished from here to the Caribbean and back together. Its well worth whatever sacrifice I might make in intensity level to have her along for the ride. And she catches fish, too.

Within the last five years there has been a great push in the tackle industry to make fishing more enjoyable for the feminine crowd, and comfort is paramount to enjoyment in the outdoors. Comfortable tackle is key to fishing success. Mrs. Fishful has a great example of the current tackle trend in a St. Croix Avid fishing rod, specifically a Pearl model. It’s a high quality, feather light rod made even better by downsized grips to fit smaller hands, and a ring of Abalone inlay in the reel-seat so pretty that it’s kind of like buying her jewelry.

Well, maybe not jewelry. But it will help her to have a comfortable set-up. Several manufacturers make quality ladies rods and combos at a wide range of prices so there’s no excuse for using bulky tackle. They make waders and vests in colors and cuts to fit women, too. And hats, and sunglasses, and raingear, and boots, and…you get my point. Make her comfortable and she’ll have more fun. Right ladies?

There are women’s only fishing classes, or private lessons, for those preferring to learn from an independent third party, shall we say. Or get a book or video, hit a seminar or two, and get after it. Fishing is not that difficult, despite what may have been lead to believe. And like I said, it’s fun.

Spring is springing and there’s never been a better time to hit the waters ladies. Men, take her out there, share your passion but keep it light, get her comfortable, and most of all be patient…even if the fish aren’t biting. That, for me, is manly men doing manly things!