“Fishful Thinker is a state of mind, pure and simple. Not a person or genre, rather a mindset that besets those who think fishy thoughts. Primal yet sophisticated, it’s knowledge skillfully applied in a wave of success and failure. It’s youthful exuberance and ageless wisdom, respect for the quarry and environment, the sharing amongst peers, and the understanding of an angler’s place in the grand scheme, however humbling that may be.”

I wrote that mantra in 2002. I’d just walked away from a traditional career that was driving me crazy. Since I was a kid, I just wanted to fish. I didn’t dream of  aerospace engineering, the finance business, or selling real estate, and though I dabbled in all of the above, it was always in an effort to pay for my time in the field…to pay for where my heart is.  Now, more than a dozen years later, Fishful Thinker LLC has grown into a full-fledged business…and my heart is in it for the long haul. Thanks for joining me!

We fish. We teach fishing. We share the outdoors with anyone who will listen, and we promote the outdoor lifestyle. We want you to do what we do, to experience what we experience…so we fish public water, and we use techniques anyone can master. We have fun doing it…and you should, too.

So thanks for virtually joining us. Thanks for taking a guided trip with us. Thanks for watching FTTV on either Altitude Sports Channel or World Fishing Network, listening on FM 102.3 ESPN Denver, and reading our blogs, columns and more. Most importantly, thanks for sharing your passion. Fish Big! CL