Who We Are

Since it’s inception in 2002, Fishful Thinker LLC has remained focused on one thing – propagating the angling lifestyle. Teaching angling is how we got our start, and remains the cornerstone of all things Fishful. We began by teaching kids groups, then professional guiding, and then added media involvement to reach a broader audience. Fishful Thinker TV is now in its 20th airing season – Thanks for tuning in!
The name Fishful Thinker is the brainchild of company founder, Chad LaChance. He chose it for its reference to the sophisticated side of an otherwise ancient sport. Growing up on the beach in Florida exposed Chad to the angling lifestyle very early in life, and it has stuck with him ever since. More than just fishing, the angling lifestyle is a thoughtful mix of the people and locations, and the anticipation of the next fish. Chad thrives in that mindset.
Fishful Thinker is a state of mind, pure and simple. Not a person, place, or genre; rather a mindset that besets those who think fishy thoughts. It’s the relentless quest of knowledge coupled with application, the wave of success and failure, and the countless hours daydreaming of the next opportunity. It’s anticipation, preparation, participation, and reflection…primal yet sophisticated. It’s youthful exuberance and ageless wisdom; a process without end where answers bring questions, and success leaves one yearning for the next challenge. It’s respect for the quarry, environment, and peers, the sharing of knowledge and the understanding of an angler’s place in the grand scheme, however humbling that may be.”
 For more information about Fishful Thinker LLC, please contact Chad via email at Chad@FishfulThinker.com